Maximized Use of Renewable Energy: OnStar’s Next Agenda for the Chevrolet Volt

General Motors has recently confirmed that the Chevrolet Volt in the near future would be able to maximize the use of renewable energy when charging and this would be made possible by using a software developed OnStar and PJM Interconnection.

PJM Interconnection became involved in the development of the software that would be used in the Chevrolet Volt that uses electrical charges since it is considered as a major energy management company in the US that specializes on electric transmission. This company serves a total of 60 million users in the eastern, southeastern, and Midwestern parts of the US.

In this upcoming set-up, OnStar will be in-charge of regulating the Volt’s charging by using renewable energy signal. OnStar will be notifying the Volt owners about the availability of renewable energy so that they could charge their vehicles. By doing this technique, Volt owners will be able to maximize the use of renewable energy which is cheaper and this could reduce the expenses that they incur when paying for their electrical consumption every month.

To regulate the charging of the Volt and to alert the owners of the availability of renewable energy, OnStar will be relying on the wind forecasts provided by PJM Interconnection. These forecasts will show the amount of renewable energy that is present on the electric grid. By relying on the forecast, most of the Chevrolet Volt mowers will most likely avoid charging their vehicles in times when the amount of renewable energy is low.

Given this technology, the Chevrolet Volt will eventually become greener since the model will not only help preserve the natural environment by burning lesser fuel that produces harmful gas emissions but also help reduce the amount non-renewable energy consumed when the vehicle is being charged. This set-up is currently on the testing stage and this will eventually be included on the upcoming Volt models as soon as the company sees that this will be fully functional.

Finally, General Motors has announced that technology will only be available for buyers who would be getting OnStar subscriptions. However, General Motors failed to provide some of the details regarding the price of the subscription or any other information as to how much this technology would be priced.

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