Car Care 2013 Tip 18: Save Money on Fuel

As the current economic condition in America continues to get worse and filling one’s vehicle tank with fuel consumes a large part of almost everyone’s monthly budget, a lot of car owners has started doing their best to reduce their annual fuel expenses by joining or starting a car pool. In addition to that, many vehicle owners have also learned to combine short trips whenever possible. But aside from such practices, there are still a lot of tricks that car owners could do to save money on fuel and this includes the following.

Save Fuel

Trick #1:

Get your gas early in the morning before the ground has had a chance to warm up. Storage tanks at the gas station are below ground, the colder the ground means denser gas. As the ground warms up, the gasoline expands, therefore when buying gas in the afternoon or evening you are not getting the full gallon you pay for. Gas stations do not have any type of compensation for temperature fluctuations at the pumps and no method for adjusting to these changes. Every degree the temperature changes affects your fuel cost.

Trick #2:

Take your time. The trigger on the nozzle has three settings

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