Car Care 2013 Tip 17: Replace Worn Disks

Replacing your car’s worn brake disks is a very important vehicle maintenance procedure. This is because doing so could provide you with peace of mind that your car’s brake would function well. However, replacing the worn disks must be accomplished carefully since any mistake might get you into trouble. In order to avoid this from happening, you can consider doing some of the tips provided below.

1. Prepare all of the materials needed.

Before replacing your car’s worn disks, try to prepare the materials that you would be needing such as the following.

– Jack and a jack stand

– New brake discs

– Lug wrench

– Dead Blow Hammer

– Large Philips Head Screwdriver

– C-Clamp

– Ratchet or Open End Wrench Set

Support your car on jack stands before you begin work. photo mw

Having a brake disc that

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