Car Care 2013 Tip 12: Change Your Brake Pads

Changing your car’s brake pads requires careful planning and proper execution. This is because any mistake that you might commit will surely place you and the other car occupants in danger when the vehicle is driven on the road. However, being able to complete this task is very rewarding. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your car’s brakes would function well when needed. In order to accomplish the task well, try to read the following information and make sure to perform the processes involved in changing your car’s brake pads.

What you will need:

1. open end or adjustable wrench

2. c-clamp

3. Allen wrenches

4. lug wrench

5. small bungee cord

6. hammer

How to prepare:

Before changing your car’s brake pads, make sure that everything is ready right there when you need it as you go along. Be sure that the car is jacked up properly because safety is your number one concern. Break those lugs before jacking it up. It`s much easier and safer having the wheel right on ground level.

Car on jack stand for brake pad replacement. photo by Matt Wright, 2007

Try to avoid only using a single jack. This is because when the jack slips everything will surely go wrong. Look for something that you could use as the support for the jack particularly in handling the vehicle’s weight when the jack is up and accidentally slips.

After doing that, inspect the discs. In the event that these are worn badly, make sure to have these replaced.

Removing the Wheel

With the wheel off you can see the brake disc and brake caliper. Matt Wright

Now that you have broken the lugs when the car was sitting on the ground, it should be fairly easy to remove them. Removing them from the bottom up to the top is best. That way the wheel is kept in one place as you go. Look up

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