Oldest Car Nameplates in the Market

A lot of car experts and automotive journalists have witnessed the influx of large volumes of new car models in the US auto mobile market this year as well as in the previous. This is because almost all car makers have focused their attention in dominating the market by introducing more vehicle models. These car makers are also fond of exploring new technologies and place this on newly created models while others were into the practice of extending the number of standard features of the vehicles that they try to sell every year.

But despite of this trend, a number of older car nameplates are still found in the market. Although these older nameplates don’t look like their oldest predecessors, they still carry the names that were assigned to them prior to their earliest appearance on the automobile market. What was more surprising is the fact that most of these older car nameplates are still in demand as remain as leaders in the segments where they belong. The best examples of the oldest car models that are still present in most of the car dealerships in the US at present are the following.


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