P-Nut Concept Vehicle from Honda

Honda once revolutionized the automobile industry by creating cars that had the highest resale value ever seen. Now they are delving into creating cars which are customized for the way we live and commute today and some folks are pretty excited about the idea.

The Honda P-Nut, Personal-Neo Urban Transport, is an ultra compact concept vehicle.

P-Nut Concept Vehicle from Honda

Honda said they created the car to prove that an ultra compact vehicle could still be comfortable. The P-Nut is a scant 3.4 meters long, 1.75 meters wide and just 1.4 meters tall. Honda is marketing the vehicle for people who live in urban areas with a short commute, narrow roads and lots of traffic to sort through. Parking will likely never be a problem with the P-Nut.

Much like the old McLaren F1, the P-Nut has a three-seat interior, where the driver is positioned up front in the middle and the two passengers sit behind her on either side.

Gone is the traditional steering wheel. Instead the movement is controlled with a pair of handles, something video gamers might find more comfortable.

The bubble windshield covers the entire front of the vehicle so everyone has a great view of the world outside and around them. It also doubles as a heads-up display for the driver so there is no need for a traditional dashboard full of gauges. The entire navigation system, including the scenes from the built-in rearview video camera, are projected onto the windshield.

The passenger compartment takes up the entire front of the vehicle, forcing designers to put the engine in the back of the vehicle, like a Volkswagon. Proving they like to think forward, Honda built the engine compartment to handle three optional motors: a high efficiency gasoline motor, a fuel/electric hybrid or a straight electric motor.

The only bad news about the Honda P-Nut is, despite the cool futuristic look and endearing video-game like qualities the company said they have no plans to put the vehicle into production any time soon.

The idea, they said, was to show that comfort does not have to be sacrificed when designers build a sub-compact car. They believe, and proved, that they can build a little tiny car with lots of room and ample power to get drivers where they need to go.

Unfortunately, despite some great looking and performing alternate fuel vehicles being designed, consumers still seem loathe to scale down from their gas guzzling SUV

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