Passat Performance Concept Images Released Ahead of its Official Debut

Volkswagen has recently released some images and other important details regarding the Passat Performance Concept and this release had happened a few days before the vehicle’s official debut at the Detroit Auto Show.

Based on the information obtained from a number of reliable sources, the Passat Performance Concept was actually designed as a spicier and more performance-based version of the conventional Passat. However, the Passat Performance Concept doesn’t look such. In fact, a lot of car experts who were able to see the images of the concept car were convinced that only looks like mildly-revised version of the conventional Passat. In addition to that, the concept car is not as sporty or attractive as its name suggests.

The only obvious exterior differences that the Passat Performance Concept has over the base model is that the former has a dual exhaust, it comes with the larger 19-inch wheel, bi-xenon headlamps which is equipped with the carmaker’s Advanced Front Lighting system, mirror caps with the carbon look, and the LED tailmaps.

The Passat Performance Concept’s interior also looks different than the base model since this is dominated by two-tone leather and carbon accents. But just like its exterior, the vehicle’s cabin also lacks the sporty or the performance-based qualities that its name suggests.

Although, the information regarding the exterior and interior difference between concept and the base Passat as well as the lack of sporty features on the former are true, Volkswagen has also revealed that the performance-based side of the Passat Performance Concept is concealed under the vehicle’s hood. What the German carmaker meant was that the concept car is propelled by a different engine and that the power source used on this model would probably enough to justify the notions that its engine is trying to suggest.

According to Volkswagen, the Passat Performance Concept is powered by a 1.8-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. This is capable of producing up to 250 horsepower and this is about 80 horsepower higher than the maximum power output produced by the base model’s 2.5-liter inline-5-cylinder engine. In addition to this, the concept car’s maximum power output is only 20 horsepower lower than what the 3.6-liter VR6 is producing.

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