Plan Your New Car Search

If you are in the market for a new car you need to be resourceful, do your research and avoid being tricked by unscrupulous salesman intent on making you the best deal for them.

The first step to buying a new car is to make a list of every new car dealership in your area. Be sure you call them before you visit. This lets them know you are serious about buying. This will also avoid you being passed among different sales people instead of dealing directly with the person who is authorized to make a final deal.

New Car Search

Visit Several Dealerships

Definitely plan to visit a few different dealerships before making any decision. Every dealership is different. They have different cars, of course, but they also have different financial deals, different plans, different overhead amounts. You cannot count on getting the same deal at every dealership. In fact, it will likely be just the opposite. One dealership may offer you one price on a specific vehicle with certain features, while the dealership across town offers a totally different deal on the same exact vehicle with the same exact features. It pays to check around.

Visit Online Dealerships

Do not be afraid to check online dealerships for vehicles. The Internet can be an excellent resource for finding the next new car of your dreams. When you are looking at cars online you do not need to worry about pushy salespeople offering different deals. You can look at cars, use virtual imaging software to see the same car in different colors and with an assortment of features. Online you can compare prices for base models, research rebate offers from the manufacturer and compare special features which may be available.

There are also an assortment of online car finders available which can help you find the exact vehicle you are looking for without driving all over town to find it. Many website also provide video of the vehicles and links to the manufacturers.

Check Out Owner Reviews

You might also consider checking new car forums online and doing a shoppers comparison. Look for new owner reviews and see what

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