Price Comparison: Sedan vs. Coupe, SUV, and Trucks

There are many ways to determine the existing sedan price in the market. There are brand new sedans that are sold below $10,000. Besides this, many luxury sedans are sold in prices over $50,000 or as high as $75,000. Since there are many things involved in the pricing of a sedan it is quite difficult to compare this with the price of a coupe, a truck or an SUV. This is because coupes, trucks, and SUVs also have their own price ranges. However, this article will look upon the prices of each class and try to determine the reasons why their prices range are set this way.

Sedan vs. Coupe

The price of sedan

Sedan’s are currently very popular since it provides the ease of entry because these vehicles have four doors. Although coupes are sportier, sedans are more manageable and user friendly. The need to push the front seats and to squeeze between the seatbelt and the seat to enter the back seats is no longer needed in the sedan.

The MSRP of the sedan varies depending on its type and the invoice prices of sedans are usually 12% below the MSRP or sticker price. However, there are many ways to obtain the best deals for this vehicle due to the incentives offered by manufacturers and dealers to car buyers. Due to this, you have the greatest chance to obtain any car, regardless of its class, closer to the invoice price, in case you negotiate well. The price of the Honda Accord is a good example why the pricing of a sedan is typically lower compared to coupes. The Accord is usually $1,000 cheaper than the coupe.

Coupe Price

Coupes are usually expensive compared to sedans. A good example of this is the Infiniti G37 which is offered as a sedan and a coupe. There is a big difference in price between the two versions although they are actually the same car. The coupe version has a price of around $36,000, while the sedan version has suggested price of $33,000 which is $3000 less.

Sedan price vs. the price of trucks/SUVs

It is not fair to compare the price of a sedan to the prices of trucks or SUVs. This is because an SUV are usually expensive compared to a sedan and luxury SUVs are also expensive than luxury sedans. For example, the top seller of the BMW 3 series is priced around $35,000 while top seller BMW X series SUV is priced around $10,000 more. This is not because the SUV is better, compared to the sedan, but because original auto invoice price of the SUV is higher. The invoice price is higher because the cost of building an SUV is much greater. The SUV is bigger and uses a bigger and more powerful engine. In addition to this, the SUV has more safety features such as electronic stability control, and rollover sensors compared to a sedan since an SUV is

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