Sedan car buying Pros and Cons

It is actually difficult to decide whether a sedan car is right for you or not. This is because there are many car types in the market right now such as the compacts and the hatchbacks. However, this article provides the pros and cons of sedan cars to help you determine if this type of vehicle would be the best choice for you.

Sedan car

Sedan pros

  • Sedan cars are popular because of its four doors. This makes it popular to most families since the entrance and exit of passengers in its rear seat is accessible. Compared to a coupe that requires rear occupants to crawl in order to enter and exit, the rear doors of the sedan provides greater ease. If the rear seats are to be used frequently, the sedan car would be a best vehicle for you.
  • Sedans are more fuel efficient compared to trucks and SUVs. This type of vehicle would appropriate for you if you are conscious of fuel expenses and if you would frequently use the car for long drives.
  • Sedans offer roomy interiors. Even mid-sized sedans are capable of accommodating 4 to 5 passengers making these vehicles a popular choice for most families.
  • Sedans are equipped with the best safety features that are not found in other types of vehicles. This is because sedans are commonly used to transport families and group of individuals. Due to this, sedan makers install a lot of safety gadgets on this vehicle to ensure the safety of large number of car occupants.
  • Sedans usually involve lower insurance premiums. This is because it is known to be the top choice of most families. In addition to this, statistics shows that drivers who are driving with their families or group of friends are more careful compared to other drivers. These figures encouraged insurers to place lower insurance premiums on sedans making this car type easy to ensure.

Sedan cons

  • Sedans are not as flashy compared to sport cars and luxury vehicles. This makes the sedan a poor choice if you wish to purchase a flashy vehicle.
  • Sedans cannot compete with SUVs, trucks, and minivans when it comes to space. Although sedans are spacious compared to coupes, the space they possess are less compared to SUVs and trucks. In addition to this, trucks and SUVs usually offer similar safety features found in most sedan cars.
  • Sedans are not good haulers. Although sedans have trunks and is capable of carrying loads strapped on top of it, this could be poor option if you are into constant hauling.
  • Full-sized sedans such as the Nissan Altima might not be suitable for urban settings since its size would not easily fit on smaller parking spaces.
  • Sedans might be fuel efficient but its fuel economy has no match when compared to the consumption of compact cars.

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