Significant Features of the 2013 BMW 7-Series

BMW has recently implemented a mid-life facelift on the 2013 BMW 7-Series sedan. However, a lot of car experts were stunned when they were able to realize that the facelift did not only change the sedan’s features on the outside. The vehicle’s interior was also tweaked and the upgrades implemented have made the latest version of the sedan more likeable compared to its earliest predecessors.

First off, BMW’s engineers tweaked the 7-Series sedan’s exterior design by removing its old headlamps and replace this with new set of LED headlights that equipped with corona rings. The vehicle’s grille was also modified. The modification was accomplished by reducing the number of slats found on the grille form 12 to 9. In addition to this, the new 7-Series is also equipped with new indicators found under its mirrors, a revised bumper in front, and the thing strip made of chrome that connects the two slimmer reflectors on the vehicle’s rear apron.

BMW has also implemented a significant upgrade on the interior of the 2013 7-Series sedan.

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