Small Car Sales Leaders

The US auto sales reports revealed that almost all of the car makers in the country for the month of September gained a significant increase in sales and this was basically due to the higher demands for small cars.

A lot of car experts believe that the demand for smaller car models was actually triggered by the continuous increase in gas prices. As the prices of fuel soars up, more and more buyers have decided to buy smaller car models since these vehicles consume lesser amounts of fuel compared to their larger counterparts. Thus, almost every car maker have recently found out that the impressive improvements on their vehicle sales last month were mainly caused by the popularity of smaller car models.

For the month of September, General Motors has revealed that the company’s dealerships were able to sell about 7,500 units of the Chevrolet Sonic. Chrysler has also sold about 5,235 units of the Dart and this reflects a 72 percent increase in the sale output of the model compared to what it obtained last August. Aside from that, the Fiat 500 was also able to establish the best sales record last month and this was one of the reasons why Chrysler got the largest year-over-year sales increase percentage.

But aside from the smaller car models, a lot of pickup truck models have also experienced the impressive sales increase. General Motors has shared that the company’s dealerships all over the country were able to sell a total of 210,245 units of trucks and cars in September and this represents an increase of about 1.5 percent than the previous year’s total sales output.

Ford on the other hand revealed that they were also able to sell a total of 174,976 units of trucks and cars last September. This figure represents a 4 percent retail sales increase. Chrysler, just like the other car makers has also established a 12 percent sales jump last September.

Due to such increase in demand for the vehicles that they are selling, Chrysler has finally established its best September sales since 2007. Chrysler’s current success is considered as one of the best outcomes of the company’s continuous efforts to improve the quality as well as the branding of the vehicles that they are selling.

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