Sonata Hybrid Batteries to Obtain Lifetime Warranty

The production of the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid marks Hyundai’s first hybrid car technology venture. The Sonata Hybrid was actually produced as part of the company’s way of dealing with the growing competition among hybrid car manufacturers such as Toyota and General Motors. Fortunately, the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid emerged as a vehicle model that is capable of competing with the other hybrid car models in the market.

But despite of the vehicle model’s inherent capabilities, it is quite obvious that Hyundai is not yet satisfied with the things that the Sonata Hybrid has obtained. This is because the company have known that the model’s success in the future would surely depend on the longevity of the hybrid batteries used in it. Due to this, Hyundai has launched a study that focused on examining the amount of degradation obtained by the hybrid batteries used on the Sonata Hybrid within a specific period or distance travelled.

The study revealed that the hybrid batteries used on the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid were still able to deliver the same output despite the fact that the vehicle has already travelled about 300,000 miles. In short, the hybrid batteries obtained minimal degradation and these findings encouraged Hyundai to offer the company’s lifetime warranty on this particular hybrid component.

Hyundai has implemented this policy as its way of stealing the limelight from Toyota which is currently considered as the leader in hybrid vehicle production. By offering the lifetime warranty on the hybrid batteries used on the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid, the company will be able to attract more buyers. The good thing is that the batteries are not easily damaged and Hyundai will earn more investments due to increased sales without having to spend more on repairing the batteries since they are resilient to damages.

Although Hyundai has confirmed that the company would be offering the lifetime warranty on the Sonata Hybrid’s hybrid batteries, they failed to provide all of the details about the warranty program or whether this would also be extended to cover the other hybrid components of the Sonata Hybrid.

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