Stronger May Car Sales Leaders

As the month of May ended, most car makers already came up with their own statistics thereby allowing the US automobile market to identify the so-called May car sales leaders and losers.

The latest statistics revealed that the 2013 Nissan Altima, Ford F-Series pickup trucks and the 2013 Ram 1500 emerged as the most in-demand models for the month of May.

As the total monthly sales for the month of May was tallied, Nissan was able to sell about 114,457 units of vehicle. Such figure reflects a 25 percent increase compared to what the carmaker has successfully disposed last May 2012. It was also known that Nissan’s overall sales gain in the month of May of this year was nurtured by the strong demand for the Nissan Altima. Nissan’s dealerships were able to sell about 31,940 units of the Altima before the month of May ended and this is equivalent to a 41 percent increase. The company’s dealerships were also able to sell about 2,138 units of the Leaf making the month of May as the second best-month for Nissan’s EV.

Just like Nissan, Ford has also revealed that its total sales output for the month of May has also increased by 14 percent. The US carmaker has also reported that such increase was basically triggered by the increase in demand for the Ford F-Series pickup trucks. By the end of the previous month, Ford’s dealerships successfully disposed a lot of F-Series pickups thereby allowing the model to post a 31 percent increase.

When asked to provide an explanation regarding the sudden increase in the demand for the F-Series trucks, Ford’s vice president of US marketing, sales and service pointed out that the trend was probably brought about by the pent-up demand and the continuous construction growth in the US.

Aside from Ford and Nissan, Ram Truck brand’s sales output in the month of May has also increased by 24 percent.

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