Subaru to Use EyeSight System for its Outback and Legacy Models

Subaru is currently planning to use the so-called “EyeSight” system on the 2013 models of the Outback and Legacy. This move is considered as one of the company’s ways of further improving the safety features of its vehicles and the Outback as well as the Legacy will be the first models that would utilize the EyeSight system. Due to this, a lot of car experts are assuming that the use of the EyeSight on the first two models will serve as the company’s actual testing process that would help them determine if the system is compatible with their existing vehicle models.

According to Subaru, the EyeSight system is capable of detecting pedestrians that are present in the vehicle’s path while it is running at a speed of below 19 miles per hour. When the system detects that a collision is eminent, this would provide a warning so that the driver will be able to apply the brakes or possibly avoid the pedestrian on the vehicle’s path. In addition to this, the system is also capable of applying the brakes automatically so as to avoid a crash.

Aside from detecting pedestrians, the EyeSight system constantly monitors the lane markers of the road where the vehicle is travelling. In the event that the system detects that the vehicle is cruising or swaying towards the other lane, this will alert the driver by activating an audible signal. Thus, the driver will become aware that the car is deviating from its original lane.

In addition to this, the EyeSight provides an audible warning when the vehicle in front moves and the driver failed to react. This particular function is delivered with the help of the adaptive-cruise-control system that is also used by the vehicle. The adaptive-cruise-control system monitors the distance of the vehicles ahead and when the system determines that car in front has moved, this will trigger the EyeSight system to perform its task. Not only that, the EyeSight could also cut the vehicle’s throttle when the system detects an object in front. This feature works when the driver accidentally drives the vehicle forward in a parking spot when he or she is suppose to be moving the car in reverse.

Subaru has also stressed out that they are using some of the company’s latest technologies in ensuring that EyeSight system would surely deliver the function that it needs to provide. This includes the mounting of a pair of computer-chip cameras on the upper edge of some of the 2013 Subaru Legacy and Outback models. The pair of cameras is considered as one of the most important components of the system but these are assisted by other gadgets that allow the system to function well.

As of the present, Subaru has decided not to announce the pricing and some of the information about the EyeSight system. However, the company’s spokespersons assured the buying public that they would provide the significant details about the system during the launch of the Subaru Legacy and the Subaru Outback at the 2012 New York Auto Show.

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