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A recent survey dubbed as the “BrandZ Top 100” conducted by a market research company known as Millward Brown revealed that BMW is currently considered as the top automotive nameplate in the world in terms of brand equity. The survey obtained these findings after Millward Brown has conducted interviews involving about one million consumers all over the globe. The interview mainly focused on brand equity. The data gathered from these interviews were then used as one of the major criteria in coming up with the BrandZ Top 100 list.

To come up with the final list of the top 100 car makers in terms of brand equity, Millward Brown has also analyzed the business and financial performance of each car maker based on the data obtained from Datamonitor and Bloomberg. The results that the company have obtained from this analysis were then used as the second criteria in creating the final list.

After all of the processes employed were finished, BMW emerged as the top automotive nameplate on the list. The evaluation showed that BMW’s sales in all regions have gone up leading to an overall annual gain of 12 percent. The 12 percent gain was considered as the highest among the car makers that were evaluated and this was also the second time that BMW has obtained the top spot in three years. Millward Brown has also observed that BMW’s improvement in terms of brand equity was primarily the result of the company’s stronger branding identity. The overall annual gain obtained by BMW has made the company’s estimated brand value to about $24.6 billion.

While trying to handle the ill-effects of the disasters that hit Japan and in other areas where the company operates, Toyota slipped down to the second spot with an estimated branding value of $21.8 billion. This figure represents a ten percent decrease in the company’s branding value in the previous year.

The third spot of the BrandZ Top 100 list went to Mercedes Benz. Mercedes currently holds the brand value of around $16.1 billion or a five percent increase in the figures obtained by Mercedes last year. Honda came in at fourth with a value of $12.7 billion while Nissan claimed the 5th spot with the branding value of $9.9 billion.

Given these facts, a lot of car experts believe that the significant increase in the branding value of car makers such as Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen

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