Top Reasons Why the Dodge Dart is Not Selling

The latest version of the Dodge Dart is considered as one of the most anticipated and talked-about car model in the market prior to and during its release. This is because the Dart was a very popular nameplate in the previous years before Chrysler has decided to temporarily halt its production. But after making an announcement which confirmed that the iconic Dodge Dart will be launched again, the automobile industry has opened its door for the retuning model and such hospitality came with a great expectation.

Unfortunately, a lot of car experts and even buyers who have waited for the Dart’s comeback were eventually got disappointed when the vehicle debuted at the Detroit Auto Show last year. Those who were expecting to see a modern looking and performance-oriented version of the Dart were devastated upon knowing that the vehicle’s actual powertrain and engine lineup.

The consumers especially those who chose to purchase the Dart were expecting something from the model but their expectations were ruined when Chrysler revealed the vehicle will be equipped with a standard manual transmission. Due to this event, the buyers’ eagerness to purchase the much-awaited vehicle gradually waned. Although Chrysler has introduced a Dart which is equipped with the automatic transmission a week after the manual-only version’s release, this move was not enough to attract more buyers again.

As a result, two months after the vehicle’s release into the market, Chrysler’s dealerships were only able to sell less than 1,000 units of the Dart in the US. With the introduction of the automatic transmission-equipped version, the model’s sales output somehow increased. However, statistics have show that the demand for the said vehicle remained lower than expected. By end of 2012, the carmaker’s dealerships were only able to dispose a total of 25,303 units of the Dart and this is very much lower than the numbers expected by Chrysler.

Aside from the problem and disappointment caused by the use of manual transmission on the Dart, Chrysler has also hinted that the disappointing sales output of the Dart was also probably caused by the carmaker’s use of the optional dual-clutch automatic transmission which is not common among Americans.

Given this trend, Chrysler is will most likely introduce another version of the Dart with better and more responsive transmission as well as a more powerful engine so as to attract more buyers and probably improve the vehicle’s overall sales output for this year.

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