Top Reasons Why the Silverado is the perfect Pickup for the Summer

Chevrolet has re-engineered the all-new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and such changes made the carmaker feel confident that the outgoing model of this iconic pickup truck model will surely emerged as the most perfect pickup for the summer season.

According to Chevrolet, they know that most of the drivers who usually take longer and frequent trips using their pickup trucks do not only need extra trunk space on their trucks but more useful features to keep them comfortable and safer during longer drives as well.

Based on these realizations in mind, Chevrolet’s engineers and vehicle developers re-engineered the 2014 version of the Silverado and equip this with a lot of useful as well as convenient features that would surely delight or even impress all types of passengers.

Given such changes and improvements, Chevrolet currently expects that a lot of buyers will surely agree with the carmaker’s claim that the 2014 version of the Silverado is going to be the perfect pickup truck for the summer. But for those who are still doubtful with the claim could still be possibly convinced since Chevy enumerated some of the significant characteristics that the Silverado currently possess.

Chevrolet revealed that the 2014 Silverado is now equipped with the Chevrolet MyLink and OnStar. Such features prevent the driver from stopping the vehicle and ask for directions from different individuals since MyLink and OnStar could keep the driver and the vehicle to stay on the appropriate course. All the driver should do is select a particular destination and the OnStar advisor would start sending the turn-by-turn directions into the vehicle’s in-dash touch screen.

Chevrolet further revealed that the re-engineered Silverado also comes with a 110-volt outlet along with the chord management system. This particular feature helps the driver as well as the other car occupants’ electronic gadgets such as cell phones and music players remain full charge during longer drives.

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