US Congress to Open another Investigation on the Chevrolet Volt

The House of Representatives of the United States of America will conduct its own investigation that would try to provide an assessment as to how the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA and General Motors handled their own investigation of the post-crash fire risk issue that was thrown against the Chevrolet Volt.

The said investigation will be handled by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee of the US House of Representatives which is headed by Darrell Issa, a Republican Representative from California. The investigation will be looking closely at the procedures and processes used by the NHTSA and General Motors in order to ensure that their findings are accurate. Most car experts view this move from the said committee as an indication that the federal government considers vehicle safety as a serious issue.

As part of the investigation, Dan Akerson who is the current Chairman and CEO of General Motors has agreed to appear before the committee hearing and testify. Akerson would probably provide a number of statements that will surely highlight the efforts that the company has spend to further improve the Volt’s safety despite the fact that the investigation made by the NHTSA clearly revealed that the vehicle is safe and not as risky as everyone has previously perceived.

In addition to this, Dan Akerson considers the chance to testify before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing as an opportunity to promote the Chevrolet Volt since he is very confident that the vehicle’s safety features are working well and the safety enhancement implemented by the company was enough to ensure the Volts that will be offered for sale are safer. Akerson’s statements on the hearing will also try to convince the members of the committee that General Motors still adheres to its commitment of providing the buying public with high quality vehicles.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on the other hand is also confident that the House Committee would surely find out that the investigation that they have conducted was credible and the findings produced were sufficient enough to eradicate the speculations that the Volt might pose a greater risk when driven on the road.

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