Volkswagen Needs More Dealers in the US

Volkswagen has come up with a long term goal that aims to sell about 800,000 units of VW branded cars in the US by the 2018. This simply means that the company needs to strengthen its sales policies in the US such as increasing the number of dealerships in the area in order to achieve this goal. Volkswagen has actually sold around 256,830 vehicles last year and they hope to increase this to more than 300,000 units this year.

The previous year’s total sales figure was obtained through the efforts of almost 600 VW dealerships in the US. VW sees that the current number of sellers that they have is still capable of meeting the sales target set by the company for this year and in the next two years. However, the perceived “double digit” increase in demand for VW cars this year suggests that Volkswagen should try to establish more dealerships by 2014 and in the following years to make sure that their goal of selling around 800,000 VW branded cars in 2018 would push through.

As of the present, Volkswagen has not yet issued an official statement as to how they would increase the number of dealerships in the US. The company was probably exploring the possibilities on how they would do this. They would probably announce their plans in the next few months and inform the buying public about the policies that the company will be implementing to boost the sales of VW cars in the US.

Volkswagen quite ambitious long term goal in their US operations was triggered by the steady increase in demand for their vehicles for almost three years now. The company’s sales forecasts revealed that they could possibly improve their US total industry sales from the current 12.8 million units to 12.85 million units before the year ends. This would be followed by the expected sales increase from 13.5 million to 14 million units in 2012.

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