Volvo Car Group’s Upcoming World-class Vehicle Support and Safety Features

Volvo Car Group in its continuous aim to be known as the leading carmaker which is responsible for producing more world-class vehicle support and safety features has recently showcased some of the company’s latest technologies.

Aside from revealing such technologies, Volvo Car Group has also hinted that most of the said features will most likely be available on one of the company’s upcoming car model which is the XC90.

Based on the detailed information provided by the Swedish carmaker, the current set of vehicle support and safety features that are expected to be included on the Volvo XC90 will be included on the automaker upcoming product architecture which is dubbed as the “Scalable Product Architecture” or “SPA.”

Volvo confirmed that its Scalable Product Architecture or SPA will include a number of important vehicle safety and assistance features such as the automatic brake and detection for larger animals and pedestrians even when the vehicle is driven on the dark, autonomous parking concept and technologies that could prevent the vehicle from getting involved in accidents caused by road departure.

In its aim to further educate the buying public regarding the vehicle support and safety features that would soon be included on the Volvo XC90, the Swedish carmaker explained the nature of each of these technologies along with a brief explanation as to how these could help achieve an enhanced and safer driving experience.

First off, Volvo shared that the company’s pedestrian detection technology has greatly improved since the release of the Pedestrian Detection with the automatic full brake function in 2010 because the current version now includes the Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection. In addition to that, the latest version of the detection and the auto brake technology is now capable of working effectively even when the vehicle is driven in darker road conditions.

The road edge and barrier detection which is equipped with the steer assist on the other hand according to Volvo is a very helpful feature of the vehicle since this is responsible for the detection of a situation wherein the car is about to reach the edge of the road. As soon as the system senses this situation, this will automatically provide the needed steering torque thereby bringing the vehicle back on its track.

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