Volvo to Develop Self-driving Cars

Volvo Car Corporation has once again proved that the company is taking the issue of vehicle safety seriously and this is by confirming that they have started developing the much-awaited self-driving cars.

Based on the information provided by Volvo, the company’s engineers and vehicle developers are currently doing everything that they can to develop a car that could drive by itself and require minimal involvement from its driver.

Volvo has also stressed out that the latest set of self-driving cars that they are trying to develop are specifically designed to consumers who belong to the younger segment of the population particularly those who are addicted to different types of activities such as texting, updating their Facebook accounts, and tweeting while driving their cars.

Volvo has chosen these consumers as the main target buyers of the self-driving vehicles that they are developing since these individuals can be considered as hazards to other motorists due to their distracted driving lifestyles.

In order to prove the company’s claim of developing such cars, Volvo has issued a lot photos that are centered on a woman who is reading a magazine as well as talking to a passenger while driving. Such photos clearly highlight the vehicle’s capability to control its own actions. Thus, a lot of car experts are convinced that Volvo would soon be capable of producing a car model that could steer, brake, and accelerate on its own.

The car maker’s move to push the development and even the mass production of what it calls as “autonomous cars” came after the safety regulators of the federal government has started urging the imposition of rules that would limit the use of advanced technologies on vehicles such as the electronics interface as well as modern infotainments since these could be considered as sources of distraction and the main causes of distracted driving in the US.

But despite of this possible challenge in the US, Volvo which is currently owned by the Chinese car maker “Geely” is still optimistic that their efforts would eventually serve as a significant breakthrough in the automotive industry since the development of autonomous cars will most likely reduce the number of vehicular accidents, collisions, and injuries caused by distracted driving.

The US government is taking the issue of distracted driving seriously since this has been the common cause of many accidents and collisions in different places all over the country for the past few years.


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