Volvo’s Upcoming Car Models to Feature Low-Speed Autonomous Function

Volvo has recently announced that the company’s upcoming car models will feature the low-speed autonomous function known as the “Traffic Jam Assistance” and the first vehicle that would be using this technology will probably hit the market by 2014.

Based on the information obtained from Volvo, the Traffic Jam Assist allows the vehicle to drive by itself. However, this will only be functional at speeds below 31 miles per hour. What the Traffic Jam Assist is doing is that it maintains a safer distance behind the vehicle in front. The system is also capable of accelerating and braking automatically just to maintain its distance from the vehicle in front. Aside from that the vehicle could also steer itself and maintain a safe position on its designated lane.

Although these functions might sound awesome, Volvo has admitted that the Traffic Jam Assist is not capable of recognizing and reading the road signs and acknowledging the presence of stoplights that are found in strategic areas in any city. Given these downsides, the Traffic Jam Assist will not be able to meet the features that an autonomous vehicle could provide.

But despite of this condition, Volvo is still satisfied with the benefits that the Traffic Jam Assist is offering since this will significantly reduce the effort that the driver would be exerting when the vehicle is driven on a crowded or busy street. In addition to this, the technology might also help in reducing the number of vehicular accidents on city streets that are caused by distracted driving since the upcoming Volvo car models would surely be capable of driving itself at relatively lower speeds. All the driver should do is to push a particular button that was designated to activate and deactivate the Traffic Jam Assist.

Volvo has also stressed out that the Traffic Jam Assist is one of the technologies that the company’s personnel are developing so as to help the dream of every car maker to develop their own version of the driverless car a reality. In addition to this, Volvo is also doing a lot of things so as that the federal government would soon came up with a standard regulation for autonomous vehicles.

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